Fred Kenney | About
Personal: I began my journey in photography with a Nikon film camera, developing my black and white images in a real darkroom under a red light with shimmering chemical trays. Those born in the digital age have missed the wonderful experience of anticipation as the image slowly emerges from the beneath the agitated liquid.

Having learned my craft in the day of film has only enhanced my appreciation for the digital age which I wholly embrace. My choice of camera and lens is now Canon. For post processing I use among others Photoshop, Painter, Lightroom and some lesser known digital tools. My choice for Printers is Epson and my favorite medium to print my finest images on is Epsons Exhibition Canvas.

Photography is my business and my passion. I always have a camera with me. ALWAYS! When I am working it is usually a big expensive camera with lots of lenses, lights, stands, umbrellas, batteries, computers etc. When I am not working my equipment will usually fit in my pocket.

I see my surroundings especially people as a photographic image. When I look at a face I see light and shadow, creases and texture, stress and delight, color or monochrome. I am continually aware of the direction and quality of the light. Where would I place my strobes for a better image? If I were asked which photograph was my best ever I would have to answer…”my next one”.

As a photographer I am diverse in what I will photograph. Below is a list of the types of images I am prepared to shoot with my particular training, experience and equipment. For diversity and convenience of the customer I take my studio on location.
1. Headshots:
2. Lifestyle
3. Real Estate
4. Family and Children
5. Fine Art

Three Reasons to use Floridafred Photography
1. Convenience: We come to you.
2. Quality: Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
3. Cost: I promise to save you time and money