Fred Kenney | Floridafred Billiard Portraits
A LegendI was very fortunate to have my good friend Toby Sweet pose for this digital painting. Lifestyle Portraits of Amateur and Professional Pool Players by the Portrait Photographer and Graphic Artist Floridafred.  
  Free sessions conducted throughout South Florida  
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Floridafred sets up portrait sessions throughout South Florida and destinations. These sessions can be scheduled in your local pool room or home billiard room for individuals or groups. it costs you nothing to have a portrait session scheduled. If you chose to purchase a 16 x 20 digital painting on canvas it is only $100.00. Interested parties can have Floridafred present during tournaments or events to make portraits of participants. Results are immediately available via computer and mounted prints only a few days away. Again there is no cost unless you want to purchase a portrait and then at incredible prices for a professional heirloom portrait.   
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