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The job of the headshot photographer is not to photograph the subject as he or she appears but as he or she feels or wants to appear. The expressive nature of the lips, eyes, brow, and how they all relate to the light and atmosphere of the shoot come in to play much more than shutter speed and exposure. A photographer might use a camera to capture an image of what is. A portrait photographer will use a camera to capture the perception they have created through interaction and technique.


Lifestyle portraiture depicts the person or group as they may appear naturally in a familiar environment. The surroundings or background may be a key element in this type of portraiture, and is used to convey further information about the person being photographed.The portrait may depict emotion, interaction, activity, vocation or sport. This type of portrait covers a wide range of subjects. Floridafred has become well known for his portraits of amateur and professional pool players

Real Estate and Interior Design

Next to listing a property on the local MLS and the internet, making the property look attractive to buyers is the most important thing an agent must do. With 80% of home buyers shopping for a home online (according to the NAR), the way your listings look is an important factor, if not the most important, in generating buyer interest. It's no secret, better-presented homes get more traffic and more buyer interest, therefore selling faster. More than ever, your listings must stand out from the crowd.